Gluten free workshops

Gluten–Free Italian Baking

Saturday, October 21, 6-10pm (New York, NY)

Gluten free baking can be challenging at times but with the right baking methods it can be fun and easier than you think. In this class, you will prepare gluten free Italian baked goodies such as pizza marinara and pizza Bianca with delicious sauces and herbs, Italian style focaccia with antipasti toppings, crusty bread sticks with rosemary and olives. For dessert we will make mouthwatering espresso brownies. We will be using cup to cup gluten free flours for great baking results without compromising in taste and texture. You will not believe it’s gluten free.

Gluten–Free Pastries

Sunday, October 22, 6-10pm (New York, NY)

Gluten free baking can be both delicious and innovative. We would all like to have great flavors and textures just like old times and make it enjoyable again only gluten free!
In this class we will make: scrumptious cinnamon roll & frosting, chocolate babbka, Danish, challah and a sweet & flaky rogalach.
Along with Chef Einat Mazor who is a master pastry chef specializing in gluten free baking and the creator of etra WHITE GOLD™ gluten free flour blends, you will be preparing variety of delicious indulgences and get excited again from your baking results.

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